Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pinnacle Bank - 60 site rollout

In this time of limited rollouts in the banking arena we wanted to highlight a very good example of a digital signage rollout.

Pinnacle Bank, a regional bank based in Nebraska, has implemented a digital signage network in 60 of it's locations. Pinnacle has a portfolio of branches based in diverse locations. This means that Pinnacle needed the flexibility to target content based on a client base for each type of branch.

Each location will be installed with a branded enclosure housing a 32' vertical LCD screen. The fixture (shown above) is placed in the main lobby facing the teller line and waiting areas.

The content strategy has been developed to provide a better customer experience and inform customers about products. The loop will include a mix of product information, branded messages and local and national infotainment. The content seems to be a mix of flash and video and looks well developed.

The network is controlled using Nanonation's hosted solution. Pinnacle uses the Nanonation platform to share global content while also targeting content by group and by branch- for example, agricultural loan promotions only show in rural branches in farming communities.

We like this network. Pinnacle and Nanonation have implemented an effective network using a vertical 32' screen in a branded fixture with good content.

In fact the vertical 32' screen is very effective- both because of the size and the rotation. Others take note here, the 32' screen is about half of the cost of a 42' LCD and looks just as powerful.


Anonymous said...

This is a great example- do you know who created the fixtures?

Anonymous said...

I can build this for you if you like.
please contact me:
Jim Halski
TMS Design
(402) 592-0600

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