Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Woodforest Bank - Network Rollout (600 sites)

It was announced this past week that Woodforest National Bank, a roughly $2.8 BN in assets bank who have rapidly expanded their retail branch footprint over the past three years, would deploy digital signage to all 550+ locations. Woodforest, whose network spans 9 states including Texas (its headquarters) and much of the South, is known primarily for its partnership with Walmart to develop in-store branch locations, its marketing and efforts to serve the underbanked (eg. recent immigrants, those with prior credit problems), and its adoption of a 7-day operating model.

Woodforest's digital signage network will consist of screens located at the entrance to its in-store branches, where they will be visible from the store checkout area and retail floor, as well as located behind the teller counter. Content, which will include promotional spots as well as news updates, will be developed and managed centrally.

Woodforest had been experimenting with digital signage in its in-store locations for the past few years using the Inlighten software platform, but chose instead to move forward with Omnivex for its full deployment. Cindi Stewart, the bank's VP of marketing, indicated that Omnivex's ability to handle data at scale was a key factor in the decision.