Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Banc Sabadell - Audience measurement pilot

Wututu, the audience measurement company based in Spain, has been selected by the Banc Sabadell to implement its audience measurement system Person Counter in the newly installed digital signage network in Banc Sabadell locations. Banc Sabadell, currently with more than 1,100 branches in Spain, will initially carry out a pilot in more than 30 branches, and will study the viability of deploying the system across the network.

During the first phase of the pilot, Banc Sabadell will incorporate two screens per location, one inside and another one behind the glass display nearby the entrance which will broadcast varied information and advertisements about the bank and its products. Person Counter will capture and report on how many people look at the screen and for how long each person watches the messages being displayed. The system can also identify which message was view and tie this back to product sales. This data will be used to measure the effectiveness of the system and content being displaed.

Person Counter uses a camera and high speed wireless or 3G to send the data back to the central application.

It will be interesting to see how this pilot develops. There are many companies in the space of audience measurement but so far high investment costs in the equipment and software has prevented any network wide implementations. Some of the newer products on the market now use standard web cameras to lower the cost, as well as shifting the pricing model to a one time payment for the software.

This coupled with the argument that the measurement system is only needed in a small % of the network to generate solid results could mean we see more projects of this type in the near future

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